My name is Diane Krempec I am joined by my husband Larry our sons Chris and Adam.  We have Two other children Kara and Ashley, Ashley  who is Adams twin sister.
Larry and I would like to thank you all for the support that you have provided to The Childrens Learning Center here at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. Up until this fall Chris and Adam have attended tutoring for seven consecutive years.  Dyslexia has caused many struggles and frustrations in our everyday lives. Our sons have worked extremely hard to overcome their disabilities and without your support they would not be as successful as they are today.  These young men are true success stories!  It all began when our son Adam was in the first grade, Adam was lashing out every day for months with frustrations.

Crying, kicking, screaming even attempting to open a car door while it was moving to avoid going to school.  As confused parents not knowing what to do or what was happening to our son, a divine intervention came about.  We had a conference with an interim principal, his name is Mr. Soderberg it was the last day that Mr. Soderberg was going to be a assigned to our sons school. The principal listened to the challenges our son was facing and he recognized Adam’s frustrations and shared his belief that Adam was dyslexic. The principal was a member of the Free Masons and advised us of the services the Learning Center provided, he whispered in Adam’s ear a secret. Years later Adam revealed that Mr. Soderberg said to him “everything was going to be Ok and that he was going to get the help he needs”.

From that day forward Adam was comforted and his anxieties dissipated knowing help was on the way.  Adam is now a freshman in high school; he is gifted artistically, creative, very outgoing and a respectful young man. We are  very proud of him, his successes and overcoming the  difficulties of not only reading but spelling, writing and mathematics, what most us takes for granted in our everyday lives.   Our son Chris had begun receiving early intervention services at the age of two for communicatio n disorders.  Chris is now a Senior in High School and has maintained a GPA of 3.5 and is ranked in the top 10% of his senior class. Chris has set goals which include attending college in the fall and becoming a Dentist one day. Chris has always worked very hard and is determined to overcome his challenges despite of his Learning disabilities.

Tears often comes to my eyes , driving down the road or at work when I think how successful both Chris and Adam have become and  recalling the rough road that they both have already been down in their young lives. As parents it has not been easy, the resistance we would receive from the boys “I don’t want to go to tutoring, why do I have too, or I am to tired” Twice a week during the school year and on their summer breaks, interrupting their fun and time with their friends and sports. All the while knowing we had two other children at home that required our love and attention as well. Every time upon leaving their tutoring session I sensed their prou d accomplishments and a sense of relief would overcome them and their self-esteem and confidence would raise another notch.

I want to thank Sue, Kim, Gloria and our sons tutors Mrs. Grabill and Sharlee for all their time, and dedication to the boys they have contributed to this success story.  They are very special to us and we will miss not seeing them on a weekly basis.  Larry and I will continue to support The Learning Center in any way that we can spreading the good news of the services they offer for children in need. When I  listen to parents  discussing  the struggles that they are having with their children I become very passionate and excited from my own experience and I share our story and the services that The Learning Center provides for children in need. I also will share with parents that everything will be OK as Mr. Soderberg had said to Adam. It takes dedication and perseverance of parents for their children. One day they will have their own success stories to tell and all the hard work will be well wort h it.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank the Learning Center and the Scottish Rite Free Masons for their support and generosity in helping children and families in need!

Visit Children's Dyslexia Center - South Bend Scottish Rite website.

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